Get on Key playlists for Maximum Spotify engagement

This is the question that has been asked by Spotify artist for a long time, and each year the answer seems to be different. As we know the ecosystem of Spotify changes and when they change, we as artist have to adapt. First of all to get the engagement you are looking for as an artist you have to publish high quality music and be consistent with it for the algorithm to give you the engagement.


Complete your Spotify artist profile

For Spotify to take us serious we need to 100% complete our profile, and I don’t mean just to add images and your Instagram link at the bottom of your page, and call it a day. Your about page should tell the listener who you are, who you worked with, and why you are passionate off. Hire a professional writer so he/her can put it in black and white who you are as an artist. Tag every artist that you have worked with previous, this will link you and Spotify with artist you have collaborated with.


Submit your music

This is an easy step, but a lot of artist experience problems when posting their music on Spotify. So we would recommend using a third party company. Distrokid is well known and free, here they can help you with not only posting your music on Spotify but all platform (Apple music,Tidal,Youtube Music etc)


Ask your current fans to engage

When you don’t have the engagement as an artist as you want, you work with what you got, and that is to ask your current fans to add your music to their personal playlist. This will be beneficiary for the algorithm.


Spotify is a numbers game

The Spotify algorithm works like this, the more engagement, the more does Spotify push you on their playlists, radio, and recommendation list. This means the more people listen your music and add it to their playlist the more will Spotify push it. We on Spotistar have made many test with our own Spotify artist account and this seems to be the result every time.