Top 4 Common Questions About Buying Spotify Plays and Followers Answered

We often wonder how some musicians manage to make it big in the music industry through their Spotify profiles alone. While those musicians have received millions of streams not long after creating their accounts, you might still be struggling with it despite creating your Spotify account around roughly the same time.

Chances are your music might exist in the same genre, but somehow their promotion seems to be done a lot better than yours. And the difference in their following count and yours may have to do with money. Many successful musicians on Spotify garnered a lot of attention by drawing the initial kick from Spotify promotion services. In other words, they bought Spotify plays to boost their social proof, the cornerstone of getting organic followers.

When it comes to buying Spotify plays and followers, you might not fully understand how that entire process works. We’ve put together the top 4 frequently asked questions on the topic and answered them to help you understand how this marketing technique works.

1. Are These Followers and Plays Fake?

No, they are not necessarily fake. Although hard to believe, you are actually paying for organic influence. That means you will get more exposure on the platform since these services find ways to direct listeners towards your work. The more your following grows with time after paying for these services, the more followers you’ll garner independently, even when you are not paying for these services anymore! This usually has to do with the online momentum being generated because people tend to follow stuff that’s already popular.

There are still ways to get followers and plays from bot farms, but that only helps in imitating the possession of enough of a follower count to get your popularity train moving. For now, we will be considering only real listeners and accounts that follow your music as a direct result of you paying for some Spotify promotional service.

2. How Does it Work?

It’s actually pretty simple. The people who run these services either own or have ties with networks that own some of the most popular playlists on the platform. The kind of playlists that receive worldwide listens and get millions of streams daily. These playlists have a lot of value for aspiring musicians, especially Spotify promoters.

When you sign up for their service, they basically feature your work in their versatile playlists. The package you pay for determines how many of your songs get featured and for how long. This may not sound that complex, because it isn’t, but your work might suddenly get showcased to millions of people from a source that they trust. This potentially magnifies your reputation, your following, and your streaming revenue within a relatively short time.

3. Is it Illegal?

It is not illegal. This is just a simple business. The people who can provide you with more followers and plays have the means and resources to do so. If the result of the entire thing is your music getting greater public recognition that you can eventually profit from, you’ll better buy followers and plays from these services.

The availability of Spotify followers and plays for sale is just the result of being smart with how the system functions in such a colossal music streaming service. Furthermore, most of the Spotify promotion services use legitimate techniques to boost your fan base, so you do not have to worry about your account security.

4. Do You Lose Your New Followers Once You Stop Paying?

As mentioned above, these followers have been reeled in organically. No one forced them to give your work a listen. People who enjoy your type of music but may not have ever been introduced to your content have now been directed to your work, courtesy of the new services that you just hired.

If you do eventually lose followers, it will not be because you stopped availing the Spotify promoters’ services, but because you didn’t do enough to keep them, which is another matter entirely.


Hopefully, these frequently asked questions, and their accompanying answers can guide you to make a better decision if you are an aspiring musician looking to grow your brand on platforms such as Spotify.

When you are starting your career in music, it’s always better to play it smart. If there are services available that can pay off for you in the long run, you should not be hasty in brushing them aside. It could be a move that will save your career in the future.